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  • Contact

    Our company strategy, directed at sustainable growth in value, is supported by extensive, transparent communication with all market participants, in real time.

    The investor relations team of Fraport AG looks forward to receiving your questions and suggestions concerning the Fraport Share.

    In addition to our range of electronic information, we also offer a selection of print media (Visual Fact Book, "Our Values - Sustainability Report 2018”).

    In addition to that we offer an e-mail service for our quarterly financial publications and our monthly traffic statistics. Please register via our Order Service.

    If we can help you with any of those services, please contact one of us directly or use our general mail investor.relations@fraport.de

    Our postal address is:

    Fraport AG
    Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide
    Finance and Investor Relations (FIR)
    60547 Frankfurt am Main

    Kind Regards

    Your Investor Relations Team


    For general inquiries apart from Investor Relations, please dial +49 69 690-0 or use the e-mail info@fraport.de ?

    CN 2018

    Christoph Nanke

    Senior Vice President
    Head of Finance &
    Investor Relations

    Phone: + 49 69 690-74840

    Contact Form
    CD 2018

    Christina Doorn

    Investor Relations Assistant

    Phone: +49 69 690 - 30083

    Contact Form
    SE 2018

    Svenja Ebeling

    Investor Relations Assistant

    Phone: +49 69 690 -74842

    Contact Form
    FF 2018

    Florian Fuchs

    Manager Investor Relations

    Phone: +49 69 690 - 74844

    Contact Form
    Tanjs Seiz 2019

    Tanja Seiz

    Manager Investor Relations

    Phone: +49 69 690 -29996

    Contact Form
    DS 2018

    Dilyana Sirakova

    Manager Financial Reporting

    Phone: +49 69 690-74845

    Contact Form

    Tanja Nagel

    Manager Financial Reporting

    Phone: +49 69 690 - 74846

    Contact Form
    ABT 2018

    Aysegül Bahar-Top

    Manager Sustainability

    Phone: +49 69 690 - 29911

    Contact Form